Sathyamoorthi Group

Glass vials of samples in a lab

Sathyamoorthi Group

Shyam Sathyamoorthi
Sathyamoorthi Group
University of Kansas
Shankel Structural Biology Center, Room 2038
2034 Becker Drive
Lawrence, KS 66047

Research Overview

The Sathyamoorthi Group is focused on the development of new organic reactions for the synthesis of anti-infective natural and non-natural compounds. 

Lab Members

Postdoctoral Researchers

Graduate Students

Former Members

Name Title Post KU
Anand Shinde Postdoctoral Researcher  
Ranjeet Dhokale Postdoctoral Researcher  

Projects, Grants and Awards

  • Maximizing Investigators' Research Award (MIRA) (R35) 1R35GM142499-01 (2021-2026)