Jingxin Wang

Jingxin Wang
  • Assistant Professor
  • Department of Medicinal Chemistry

Contact Info

Shankel Structural Biology Center, Room 2058
2034 Becker Drive
Lawrence, KS 66047


Postdoctoral Fellow, Scripps Research Institute (Advisor: Peter G. Schultz), 2019
Postdoctoral Fellow, Johns Hopkins University (Advisor: Jun O. Liu), 2014
Ph.D. in Chemistry, University of Maryland (Advisor: Herman O. Sintim), 2011
B.S. in Chemistry, Peking University (Advisor: Zhi-Xiang Yu), 2006


The Wang laboratory is focused on:

  • A novel pharmacological modality of modulating RNA splicing by small molecules
  • Exploring new approaches to regulate innate immune response in mammalian cells.

Selected Publications

Recognition of single-stranded nucleic acids by small-molecule splicing modulators. (2021) Nucleic Acids Res. 49(14), 7870–83. Tang Z, Akhter S, Ramprasad A, Wang X, Reibarkh M, Wang J, Aryal S, Thota SS, Zhao J, Douglas JT, Gao P, Holmstrom ED, Miao Y*, Wang J*

Rapafucins, rapamycin-inspired macrocycles with new target specificity. (2019) Nat. Chem.,11(3):254-63. Guo ZF#, Hong SY#, Wang J#, Rehan S, Liu W, Peng H, Das M, Li W, Bhat S, Peiffer B, Ullman BR, Tse CM, Tarmakova Z, Schiene-Fischer C, Fischer G, Coe I, Paavilainen VO, Sun Z, Liu JO. (# = co-first authors).

Mechanistic studies of a small molecule modulator of SMN2 splicing, PNAS, 115(20): E4604-12. (2018) Wang J, Schultz PG, Johnson K.

Conservative change to the phosphate moiety of cyclic diguanylic monophosphate remarkably affects its polymorphism and ability to bind DGC, PDE, and PilZ proteins. J. Am. Chem. Soc. 133(24):9320-90. (2011) Wang J, Zhou J, Donaldson GP, Nakayama S, Yan L, Lam YF, Lee VT, Sintim HO.