MedChem faculty grows

The Department of Medicinal Chemistry is pleased to introduce its newest faculty member, Zarko Boskovic, who will come on board officially in late July.

Boskovic was trained as a synthetic organic chemist in the lab of Prof. Bruce Lipshutz at University of California, Santa Barbara, where he conducted research involving organo-copper reagents.  He completed his undergraduate studies in Chemistry at the University of Niš, Serbia, where he was introduced to natural products chemistry.  He is currently a Postdoctoral Researcher at the Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT working with Prof. Stuart Schreiber.

Boskovic brings with him in-depth experience in modern chemical biology. His research history includes the establishment of structure-activity relationships for a number of biologically active small molecules; discovering novel modes of covalent small molecule-protein interactions;  elucidating the structure of an inhibitor of transcriptional machinery; and directing an effort on the synthesis and rapid annotation of compounds via multiplexed phenotypic assays.

Interim chair Robert Hanzlik said Boskovic will add both strength and new dimensions to the department and we are excited to have him joining us.